Saturday, 23 February 2013

BitTorrent 7.8 Build 29112

  • Saturday, February 23, 2013
  • Muchammad Maulana Hasan
BitTorrent is not just that peer-to-peer client you heard about. It initially refers to the protocol that dates back in 2001. To make things simple, this protocol is all about transferring large amounts of data over the Internet and that's what it does day-by-day. The generated traffic is huge and the number of connected users at any given time crashes any "competition".

BitTorrent is the first file sharing client created for this particular protocol. It is developed by the same guys that invented the file sharing protocol, so this is basically the easiest way to experience the full powers of this dimension.

As for the looks, BitTorrent has evolved a lot since its official debut. It now features a simple yet powerful interface that allows you to handle downloads extremely easy, while at the same time providing a wide range of details regarding the download per se for more advanced users.

Beside the common features we’ve already seen in many BitTorrent clients out there, this one comes with something special: you can easily remotely control the application via an online interface using an username and a password of your choice. BitTorrent puts a secure web interface at your disposal where you can login and thus manage your downloads wherever you are.

Other than that, BitTorrent remains the same great application we know. It’s a lightweight application that’s pretty friendly with computer resources, unless the download speeds aren’t insanely high, as it happened during our test, it has a dedicated function for helping you configure the options, as well as bandwidth limiters for both the upload and the download.

The Transfer Cap function brings in the solution to traffic-related problems. If your Internet connection subscription is limited to a number of traffic gigs, this is the options to enable and configure. Moreover, the integrated Scheduler comes packed with everything you need to make the perfect timetable for downloading and uploading. You can choose between Full Speed, configurable Limited speed, Turn Off and Seeding Only.

The conclusion is pretty simple: BitTorrent remains a top solution in this category and if you’re not yet sure which one to use, be sure to give this one a try.

Screenshot :

What's New :
· Fix: Client crash
· Fix: gdi leak when resizing window
· Fix: Reduce installer size by 100kb
· Fix: DHT announce performance issue corrected
· Fix: don't warn about torrents not being done uploading when explicitly stopped

File Info :
OS              : Windows All
Developer     : BitTorrent, inc.
Medicine      : Freeware
Size             : 1.02 MB
Status          : Tested "Windows 7 / 8"

Download :
Download | BitTorrent 7.8 Build 29112


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